Dining Conveyor Belt Sushi at Bothell Sushi Restaurant

Food-on-the-Move: then and now

The conveyor belt sushi was invented around late 1950’s when a Japanese restaurant owner was having problems with staffing and seemed not to be able to get customers’ orders quick enough to their tables. After seeing an Ashai brewery move their beer bottles via conveyor belts around their factory, he got the idea of fabricating such a machine for his restaurant use. It was a hit.

However, he had to make further adjustments because if the belt traveled too fast, it tended to dry out the sushi, and too slow, the customers complained. Also, he expanded the conveyor belt such that tables were added and groups can also be reached. It was a novelty that brought down the cost of menu items and did away with additional staff. It was also a big sensation at the Osaka World Expo in the 1970s that brought international attention.

There are now many restaurants in Japan and elsewhere that serve sushi via this delivery system. Today you can enjoy freshly made sushi and other menu items like drinks, desserts, soup and appetizers. Many Japanese restaurants also feature touch screens at each table that allow customers to place special orders. Billing is conveniently handled with color coded plates that are tallied when the customers are finished. By counting the number and type of plates of the consumed sushi, the bill is calculated. Different plate colors, patterns, or shapes have different prices.

If you are a value-minded consumer, in a hurry to grab a bite to eat, conveyor belt sushi restaurants are just for you. They are also popular among foreigners and families with children.

Sushi-go-round at Bothell Japanese Restaurant

Enjoy sushi-on-the-go and other favorite classics at Sushi Hana by just coming over and grabbing a seat by the conveyor belt. There is no need for any Japanese language skills as you can pick your choice as it passes by you. Whether you’re a small eater or otherwise, you’ll find what you want here at your Japanese restaurant in Bothell.