Discovering The Healthiest Types of Sushi

The Good Sushi Rolls

Sushi is your forever, quintessential food source of high-quality protein and other health-giving minerals. May seem like a really healthy meal because it’s made up of seafood. It’s well-studied that the omega-3 fatty acids in fish lowers risks of heart attacks, they are not only naturally anti-inflammatory, they play a role in diabetes prevention and certain cancer types. To use the benefits offered by sushi, then you’ll find them in salmon, trout and tuna sushi.

If you are to have a sushi lunch or dinner, depending on the choices, it can be healthy or otherwise.Firstly, sushi can have a relative high amount of sodium. But it differs from sushi to sushi, and from one restaurant to another. A lobster shrimp roller at a particular restaurant has a high 1,030 milligrams of sodium, and that’s just one roll. It goes way above the required daily limit of 2,300 milligrams. To think that many Americans have high blood pressure and their daily limit is just 1,500 milligrams. In the league of lobster sushi, the tempura roll, king crab roll and calamari roll also harbor high sodium.

Another ingredient to be careful with is sugar. Sugar and rice vinegar make up traditional sushi rice. A tablespoon of sugar goes into each cup of cooked sushi rice (and no wonder, it’s delicious). The rice in one roll alone contains 240 calories. Again, traditional white sushi rice is also high in refined carbohydrates that causes a spike in blood sugar level as rice digest easily.

The USDA dietary guidelines say it’s alright to have refined carbs in the diet, provided that they are half of your daily grain intake. They recommend a whole-grain option instead, like sushi made with brown rice which is higher in fiber, more filling, and lowers heart disease and diabetes risks. Sashimi is the healthiest choice as it is without rice.

Having said that, the best sushi rolls are: fresh raw fish rolls (tuna, salmon, trout), vegetable rolls, brown rice rolls, and rolls without sauces. The good sushi rolls are: California rolls (with real crab), tuna and not spicy tuna rolls (because they contain mayo), and rainbow rolls.

Sashimi is the healthiest raw fish option. It’s got more protein and omega-3s and you avoid too much carbs. While the rest may be the most delicious sushi rolls you can find, moderation is advised.

Enjoying Healthy Sushi and Healthier Sashimi

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