True Sushi Lovers Don’t Do These With Sushi

Sushi Do’s and Don’ts

You might call yourself a true sushi-lover, a pro who can tell true sushi from the imitation stuff. You can tell fish apart and distinguish rolls, and know how to use chopsticks since you were ten. So looking at you, a real sushi connoisseur, there are certain things you will never do, because it’s not in true sushi style.

You will never put wasabi in your soy sauce. Sushi chefs use just the right amount of wasabi to create the perfect flavor for each piece of fish. The smallest amount of wasabi can cause an overwhelming kick of heat and, preventing you from experiencing the intricate layers of flavor the chef intended for you to taste.

You also don’t dip the rice part into the soy sauce. You are likely going to douse your rice and cause it to fall apart and end up at the bottom of your soy sauce dish. When dipping your sushi, you should dip only the fish, not the rice. Otherwise, you’ll absorb more sauce than you’ll actually need and miss the appreciation.

You’d never place chopsticks directly on the table. There’s a handy stand to rest your chopsticks and if there’s none, just fold a paper wrapper to keep them from touching the table. However, chopsticks are not always required to eat sushi. It’s alright to use your hands. As for sashimi, ‘have to use chopsticks.

You do not leave your chopsticks sticking out of a bowl of rice. It shows lack of respect because it rather resembles incense sticks used for funerals and ceremonies in Japanese culture. Another thing disrespectful on chopsticks: you’d never rub them against each other after breaking them apart. This tells the host you think the sticks could have splinters and that his utensils are cheap and disposable.

You never eat ginger and sushi together. Pickled ginger is there to cleanse the palate, to be eaten in between the different types of fish throughout the meal. You should start with lighter, white fish and end with rich, fatty fish.

You don’t eat a roll before a sashimi or a sushi. Sushi rolls should be eaten only after sashimi and sushi, and each piece should be small enough to be easily finished in one bite. You also never eat a roll with many ingredients. Huge sushi rolls with ten ingredients are commonly see on menus today. It is better to honor the simplicity of each ingredient which is key in crafting good sushi.

Welcoming Real and Rookie Sushi Lovers in Bothell

Whether you’re new to sushi or a true aficionado, you’ll have the time of your life with our endless array of sushi selections. In time, you’ll get the hang of eating sushi properly, for now, experiment and enjoy.