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White Rice vs. Brown Rice

Rice! There’s no avoiding it. It comes in nearly 25,000 varieties, a staple of over half of the Earth’s population, and a huge part of the experience at our Bothell sushi restaurant. But why is rice so important? What is it that makes this tiny grain such an enormous part of Japan’s culinary tradition? The […]

A Brief History of Soy Sauce

Where would our Bothell Japanese restaurant be without soy sauce? It’s a huge part of the Japanese culinary tradition, valuable not only as a condiment for many of our rice and sushi-based dishes, but also as an ingredient in teriyaki sauce and many other classics. But where did soy sauce come from, and how did […]

Grab a Side of Sunomono!

Need a side dish to go with your sushi? When you’re at our Bothell Japanese restaurant, grab a bowl of cucumber salad! You’re sure to find the refreshing taste a welcome complement to the stronger flavors of our other menu items. In Japan, a salad such as this would be called “sunomono”. The word applies […]

The Creamy Scallop Roll

Try the creamy scallop roll at our Bothell Japanese restaurant for a meat that has a light, pleasing taste to appeal to even those who are not fans of “fishier” seafoods. If you’re not a big fan of fish, then, and you still want to benefit from the great health benefits offered by seafood, let […]

Dig Into Some Mackerel

Have you ever sampled the mackerel sushi at our Bothell Japanese restaurant? It’s not just a delicious choice, it also represents one of the healthier fish you can eat. The first thing to know is that mackerel is considered one of the fattier fish. This may sound bad, but it means that it contains more […]