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The History of Miso

If you’re a fan of Japanese food, it is likely you have encountered miso at some point. It can be hard to imagine the fare of Japan without this iconic fermented tofu. But where did it come from, and how did it become such a big part of the country’s culinary tradition? Historical records show […]

The Japanese Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just as important to the Japanese as it is for people in the United States. However, the way they celebrate this classic day of romance is very different. In Japan, it is more often the women who buy chocolate to give to the men. Valentine’s Day chocolates come in three forms. First, […]

Try Some Takoyaki!

If you ever visit the cities of Japan, you’re sure to see street vendors selling takoyaki to passersby. A favorite Japanese snack, these come in the form of wheat flour and octopus, balled up with other ingredients and grilled to a golden brown. Typically, such a dish consists of diced octopus, tempura scraps, pickled ginger, […]

Sushi Vinegar

If you know much about sushi, you’re likely aware of the vinegared rice that is used in everything that is attached to the name. Be it a roll, a nigiri, or a chirashi, be it filled with fish, pickles, or spam, it’s not sushi unless it’s made with the mix of rice and vinegar that […]

The Power of Unagi

Do you like unagi? Sushi Hana does! At our Bothell Japanese restaurant, you can find it on either a classic nigiri sushi plate, in our unagi roll, or atop a hearty bowl of unagi donburi (unagi-don). But what is it, exactly, and what makes it so good? The word “unagi” describes a freshwater eel from […]