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The Tamago is Not Just a Regular Omelette

Japanese Omelette Vs American Omelette “Tamago” actually means “egg” in Japanese, or “Tamagoyaki,” a Japanese omelet dish, where the ‘yaki’ means fry. When Japanese people say tamagoyaki, it refers to thick rolled egg. It is a staple in Japan and the Japanese enjoy this dish several ways – for breakfast, in their bento or as […]

True Sushi Lovers Don’t Do These With Sushi

Sushi Do’s and Don’ts You might call yourself a true sushi-lover, a pro who can tell true sushi from the imitation stuff. You can tell fish apart and distinguish rolls, and know how to use chopsticks since you were ten. So looking at you, a real sushi connoisseur, there are certain things you will never […]

Tobiko and Masago: Fish Eggs Similar and Different

Not Just Garnish on Sushi If you find a cluster of small eggs atop a clump of rice and bound together by seaweed or sprinkled generously on top of various sushi rolls, you’re looking at fish roe. Fish roe has a number of uses in Japanese cuisine. They are high in vitamins and protein and […]

Nutritious Salmon Selections in Bothell

Amazing Benefits of A Salmon Diet Salmon is an oily fish, dense in high-quality protein, rich in vitamin D, and is one of the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids. It’s considered the ‘good cholesterol.’ It also contains minerals like selenium, zinc, phosphorus, calcium and iron. Salmon offers many health benefits. Firstly, it helps in […]

The Healing Qualities Inside Your Miso Soup

A Cup a Day is a Boost to Health Miso is one of the key ingredients of miso soup which is made by fermenting soybeans, barley, rice, and the fungus kojikin. Generally, the soup contains niboshi, which are dried sardines that have not matured yet, dried kelp, and pieces of smoked tuna, among others. The […]