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Pick Sushi for a First Date!

Do you ever have trouble getting to a second date? Try taking your next date out for sushi! According to a recent study, this is one of the best choices available for a first date. This study comes from biological anthropologist Helen Fisher, who found that taking someone out for sushi on your first date […]

The Great Nutrition of Jalapenos

If you like spicy foods, you’re probably a fan of the jalapeno. This pepper, native to the Americas, has developed such a robust following that it has been embraced by culinary traditions all throughout the globe. You can even experience the great taste and strong nutritional value of the jalapeno at our Bothell Japanese restaurant. […]

Japanese Drinking Etiquette

Social drinking is as big in Japan as it is in the States, if not more so. It’s also a custom that is richly entangled with ancient tradition. So, if you find yourself in the company of Japanese friends at our Bothell restaurant, try keeping the following etiquette in mind: One of the customs that […]

High-Energy Udon!

Japanese wheat-based noodles, including the udon we serve at our Japanese restaurant in Bothell, are a low-fat and high-protein source of quick energy. This is because they contain a healthy dose of carbohydrates that are at a moderate glycemic index, which means that they are able to provide you with long-lasting energy with only a […]

Sushi Rice

Perhaps you’ve heard the term “sushi rice”. You’ve definitely seen it before if you’ve ever been to our Bothell Japanese restaurant, as it’s an important part of any piece of sushi. But what is sushi rice, exactly? Sushi-style rice is a mixture of rice and vinegar. This is a big part of the distinct flavor […]