What is Mochi?

Feel like treating yourself to a little dessert after your meal at our Bothell Japanese restaurant? Try a little mochi ice cream! You won’t find a dessert that better intermingles the tastes of the West with the culture and aesthetic of Japan. Mochi ice cream appears as a small, round lump of floury cake; this […]

The Cultural Signature on your Chopsticks

Have you ever looked closely at your chopsticks?  The next time you eat out, try comparing the sticks at our Bothell Japanese restaurant to those you see at other places.  You might find that there are distinct styles in the chopstick world.  Indeed, though these sticks may seem as simple as utensils can get, it […]

The Superior Salad of the Sea

When a country has easier access to ocean than farmland, it tends to reap the bounty of the sea more than other nations. Countries like Japan have therefore known the value of a good seaweed for thousands of years. To this day, the Japanese kelp known as nori remains an integral part of Japanese cuisine, […]

The 4 Most Common Sushi Mistakes

Do you know how to eat sushi?  It may sound like a simple question, but if you’ve never done it before you might be surprised by the particular demands of this unique dish.  Even if you deem yourself a sushi expert, there may very well be a few small ways for you to improve your […]