The Difference Between Restaurant Sushi and Supermarket Sushi

When people are introduced to sushi, the first sushi many of them try are the supermarket rolls. This is unfortunate, because it’s a poor representation of proper sushi you can find at a place like our Bothell Japanese restaurant. If your only experience with sushi came plastic-wrapped out of a supermarket, you should seriously consider […]

How Did Chopsticks Get to Japan?

The Japanese chopsticks came a long way from their humble origins in China to our Bothell Japanese restaurant. It is believed that the original chopsticks were used five thousand years ago in ancient China. When fuel was scarce, the Chinese would cut up their meat into small pieces so that it would cook more efficiently. […]

The Benefits of Salmon

Who doesn’t love salmon? If you’re a fan of this delicious pink fish, then you’ve got a friend in Sushi Hana. Not only is salmon a classic sushi topping, but our Bothell Japanese restaurant enjoys a special sort of relationship with the fish that comes from operating in the Pacific Northwest. It is for this […]