A Cup of Edamame at Bothell Sushi Restaurant

Humble Whole Food, High in Goodness Edamame are soybeans, but are the young beans harvested at the early stage of development. Typically, soybeans are allowed to mature on the vine to form hard beans which can be easily harvested and stored. But they can also be picked at the peak of ripeness, right before they […]

Ginger: More than Just a Palate-Cleanser!

Why Ginger? Ginger is a big part of the culture throughout much of Asia. For centuries it has served as a delicious part of the culinary tradition, as well as a potent medicine. At our sushi restaurant in Bothell, it’s a simple side used to cleanse your palate between sushi rolls. The next time you […]

How is Soy Sauce Made?

Process of Making Soy Sauce Soy sauce is an indispensable part of our Bothell sushi restaurant. Every sushi fan knows the value of having a carefully mixed bowl of soy sauce and wasabi to dip their favorite rolls and nigiri into. But how is soy sauce made, exactly? Indeed, this classic brown fluid has a […]

Change Your Tune About Tuna!

Getting tired of Salmon? Try Tuna! There was a time when tuna was king among seafood, and all other fish were mere serfs amid the surf. In recent years, however, it has lost its seat as the country’s favorite fish in favor of shrimp. This is, in a big way, due to fears that arose […]

Dining Conveyor Belt Sushi at Bothell Sushi Restaurant

Food-on-the-Move: then and now The conveyor belt sushi was invented around late 1950’s when a Japanese restaurant owner was having problems with staffing and seemed not to be able to get customers’ orders quick enough to their tables. After seeing an Ashai brewery move their beer bottles via conveyor belts around their factory, he got […]