Sushi Vinegar

If you know much about sushi, you’re likely aware of the vinegared rice that is used in everything that is attached to the name. Be it a roll, a nigiri, or a chirashi, be it filled with fish, pickles, or spam, it’s not sushi unless it’s made with the mix of rice and vinegar that […]

The Power of Unagi

Do you like unagi? Sushi Hana does! At our Bothell Japanese restaurant, you can find it on either a classic nigiri sushi plate, in our unagi roll, or atop a hearty bowl of unagi donburi (unagi-don). But what is it, exactly, and what makes it so good? The word “unagi” describes a freshwater eel from […]

A Brief History of Tofu

Tofu has a strong presence in our Bothell Japanese restaurant. With our cold tofu dish, our agedashi tofu, our inari sushi, or the fermented tofu of our miso soup, we’ve got what you need to satisfy your tofu cravings. But have you ever stopped to wonder about the origin of tofu, or how it became […]

The Simple Pleasures of a Donburi

Donburi is a hearty, delicious favorite at our Bothell Japanese restaurant. Though it comes in many forms, it generally consists of a bowl of rice topped with some variety of meat. In Japanese, the word donburi is just a general term for “bowl”, but over time it also came to describe the classic dish that […]

Japanese Drinking Etiquette

Social drinking is as big in Japan as it is in the States, if not more so. It’s also a custom that is richly entangled with ancient tradition. So, if you find yourself in the company of Japanese friends at our Bothell restaurant, try keeping the following etiquette in mind: One of the customs that […]