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Sushi Rice

Perhaps you’ve heard the term “sushi rice”. You’ve definitely seen it before if you’ve ever been to our Bothell Japanese restaurant, as it’s an important part of any piece of sushi. But what is sushi rice, exactly? Sushi-style rice is a mixture of rice and vinegar. This is a big part of the distinct flavor […]

What is Nigiri Sushi?

How well do you know your sushi terminology? When you see a sushi roll, you probably know enough to refer to it as a “roll”, but would you know how to ask for something that doesn’t come in “roll” form? At our Bothell Japanese restaurant, the non-roll sushi is mostly going to be nigirizushi (literally, […]

Have a Roe!

Have you ever tried fish eggs? Fish eggs, or roe, is a common sight in our Japanese restaurant in Bothell. It’s frequently a taste that many Americans need to work their way up to, but when they finally do they’re generally pleased that they did. After all, not only is roe a delicious part of […]

Vegetarian Sushi

Are you looking to find good vegetarian sushi in Bothell? Sushi Hana has what you need! Even if you have a strict policy against eating fish, we offer a variety of selections that will not leave you out in the cold! Among our meatless sushi, we count the cucumber roll, the avocado roll, the veggie […]

The Benefits of Salmon

Who doesn’t love salmon? If you’re a fan of this delicious pink fish, then you’ve got a friend in Sushi Hana. Not only is salmon a classic sushi topping, but our Bothell Japanese restaurant enjoys a special sort of relationship with the fish that comes from operating in the Pacific Northwest. It is for this […]