The Benefits of Salmon

Who doesn’t love salmon? If you’re a fan of this delicious pink fish, then you’ve got a friend in Sushi Hana. Not only is salmon a classic sushi topping, but our Bothell Japanese restaurant enjoys a special sort of relationship with the fish that comes from operating in the Pacific Northwest. It is for this reason that we are happy to offer you salmon and salmon eggs in much of our sushi so that we might all enjoy its fine flavor and impressive health benefits.

Salmon is not an average fish. It is one of the healthier substances you can consume. Representing both a fatty fish and a low rung of the food chain, it comes with a high dose of the crucial omega-3 fatty acids without subjecting you to a high mercury content. On top of this, salmon is a lean source of protein and a great supply of many nutrients; a single four ounce serving of salmon can provide you with excess of your entire daily value of vitamin D, as well as half of your requirement of vitamins B2 and B12. Make salmon a bigger part of your diet today, with Sushi Hana!