Japan and the Importance of Rice

Rice is an important staple throughout Asia, and this comes through in a strong way at our Japanese restaurant in Bothell. It’s a key part of our sushi, our rice bowls, and most other distinctly Japanese dishes. Japan’s affinity for the grain is no mystery, but were you aware of just how important it is […]

Shellfish at our Bothell Japanese Restaurant

Do you love shellfish?  So do we!  Scallops, mussels, crabs, and more, we’ve got all of your favorites at our sushi restaurant in Bothell!  Japan has been enjoying shellfish as a big part of its culinary tradition for many years, loving them not only for their great taste but also for the many health benefits […]

Sushi and Mercury Concerns

Should I be worried about mercury?  It’s a question on the mind of many people when it comes to eating fish.  We want you to feel safe when you dine at our Bothell sushi restaurant, so we offer the following facts to ease your mind. In all honesty, mercury is nearly impossible to avoid.  It’s […]